Our History

In 2001 a group of lawyers in Melbourne held a series of meetings to discuss the establishment of an association of Catholic legal professionals. Unlike the position in New South Wales, there had been no Association or Group for Catholic Lawyers in Melbourne since the 1950’s. Approval was obtained from the Archdiocese, and in late 2001 the “Melbourne Catholic Lawyers Association” was formed. The Patron Saint of the Association is Saint Ives. 

Essentially, we decided to create an association with a number of aims. The first was to strengthen and develop the faith of all involved, whether practising Catholics or ‘just visiting.’ Secondly, the association would provide a forum for lawyers to meet and discuss work, ethical and legal issues. Finally, the association would create a network of like-minded professionals for Catholics in the legal field.

Mission Statement

We, the Melbourne Catholic Lawyers’ Association, strive to serve God through our jobs and lives as legal professionals. We strive to build up the Church through our fidelity and witness. We strive to strengthen our society through our professional integrity, commitment to justice, community service and advocacy of the Gospel message. We commit ourselves to lives of faith, hope and love in the service of God and our neighbour.

Purposes of MCLA

  • To provide a forum for lawyers to meet to discuss legal, ethical and work related issues, and to listen to interesting guest speakers.
  • To create a network of Catholic professionals in the legal field.
  • To strengthen and develop the faith of all involved, whether practising Catholics or those “just visiting”.

The Association is open to all legal practitioners, including academics, and law students.

The MCLA Committee

Christina Warren

Vice President
Maria Lusby

Daniel Hickman 

Stephen Tuck


Law Students

Law students are most welcome to subscribe to our Newsletter and attend our events.